Friday, May 01, 2020


There goes April. Not much in the way of showers until this past couple of days but it’s hardly believable how the world has turned upside down. I’ll attempt to keep the daily posts going because it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be much else to do.

My email is out of action but I figure that anyone who needs to contact me is aware of how to do that. This could be an opportunity to just let that all go.

However, if what goes on here helps you through a few minutes then the job is done. This is Post 7000. It all kicked off in 2003 and the direction of travel has changed little in these seventeen (going on crazy) years. If it hadn’t been for Jeroen Vedder out in yonder Netherlands then you might have been spared this. 

These clips capture everything we hold dear. We can’t let that become past tense.


Simon Birrell said...

I love the first clip - God, some days I really miss Malasaña. Spanish audiences go to concerts to have FUN, not out-cool everyone else.

Stay safe, Lindsay.

Lindsay Hutton said...

Good to hear from you Simon. Hope you and yours are doing alright down yonder. Spanish audiences are the best in the world, end of story. All the best!

kjell said...

Looking forward to the next 7000! NBT has brought lots of fun since way back. For future shenanigans L! cheers /kjell

Angelcorpuschristi said...

SEVEN thousand! 🎂🤘🏻