Sunday, March 08, 2020


Professor of Costellology, Kjell Magnusson found himself in Glasgow as part of his ongoing pursuit of Wee Declan McManus. Always good to see this guy and he gifted me a copy of this fantastic hardback book that he and his associates have assembled. It’s called No Action but I’d sat there was quite a bit of action in the 12 months it documents regarding activity in a Malmo venue called Dad’s Dancehall. 

It’s so important that places like this are remembered and this is a labour of love to be sure. There are Ramones pictures in there that you haven’t seen so that should be enough for some of you to take notice. Do it now because there is unlikely to be a reprint.

The info is in Swedish but if you send an email to then overseas order info will be supplied. (click the image)

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