Thursday, April 11, 2013

One day I'll get accustomed to this new 'puter set up... but until then.

There's a screening of "Last Shop Standing" at the GFT in Glasgow on Sunday 14th April at 7.45pm. Yes, this coming Sunday. It's the Monorail Film Club film for this month to tie in with the Record Store Day bunfight on the following Sunday. Other than The Nomads offerings, I am not partaking in this exercise.


Anonymous said...


don't know how to contact you otherwise, following your blog since ages - very inspiring! I just browsed the listings of the 13th Note, and it says the Yum Yums play there on 14 May?!? Is this true? If so you will probably post this up here?


Lindsay Hutton said...

Hey Frank, Thanks for getting in touch. Strangely I was just about to make today's post... there are shows in Oslo and Moss in May.

I think there were plans for May but the latest I heard was September. I'll keep you posted.

My e-mail is lhnbt(AT)

best, L