Saturday, December 10, 2011

Does anyone give much of a damn about anything other than their own "parsnips" anymore?

I'm thinking perhaps not. As we limber up for the transition between another set of numbers - waiting for the hammer to fall - and I'm not talking about the guy that sez "you can't touch this" or the place in Canada or a football team - then I'm well on my way to losing any kind of faith i have in much of anything.

Oh sure there are some people, and things - but I'm talking about the big picture. And morale in general. I consider myself to be pretty fortunate in some ways and utterly destitute in others. No different from anyone else on that score maybe but backbone and fibre seem to be in short supply. Self preservation surely isn't the be all and end all, or is it?

Today is my annual tussle with "It's A Wonderful Life". Part of my ritual, just like "The Apartment" is on New Year's Day. It's around now that one gets to thinking how it would be to have never been born at all and can see several faces lighting up at the very thought of that.

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