Friday, October 29, 2010

The vid quality isn't great but check the audio... via Staysick

Hey all,

If you are in San Francisco this weekend, on Halloween specifically, you won't find a better show than Nobunny performing as THE CRAMPS at Thee Parkside. I hope some of you can make
it. There are a few bands covering some of the greats:

Nobunny as The Cramps
Uzi Rash as The Monks
Apache as The Damned
Monster Maus as The Velvet Underground
Tumore Boys/Space Titanium as The Stooges/Destroy All Monsters

Nobunny played as the Cramps last year too.

Seriously great, totally wild and fun in the spirit of The Cramps. I imagine early Cramps shows were like this. No offense to any "psychobilly" bands that cover the Cramps, you know the ones with the greasy hair and the stand-up bass and the leather pants, but Nobunny is some real deal, wild and raw rock and roll live.

Actually, I don't concur with that last bit. Total offense to those "psychobilly" bands. It's time Nobunny came to Scotland methinks.

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