Friday, July 30, 2010

It’s symptomatic of the finest pop clobber that a song can just wash over you. Cleansing the ear palate to stand out as anything but the fodder that we’re constantly bombarded with. “Fredrik” has all the hallmarks of the former. It’s a reactively low key introduction to “Facit” but it bodes well in an understated almost subliminal shimmer. Nobody does it quite like Annika (Norlin) and her crew in Säkert!

Difficult to imagine that any visitor to this ‘hood is unaware of who and what this amounts to but there’s always a possibility that someone isn’t paying attention or might be a newbie. The campaign to spread the word never ceases hereabouts. Visitors to the bunker always go away pledging to buy and wondering just why they haven't heard this phenomenal talent.

It’s still to be established what form the version of the upcoming album with English lyrics will take. My wish is that it finally cements the plain as the neb on your fizzog reality that the world would be a better place if it embraced the works of this young lady who is currently being misrepresented in the Swedish press.

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