Sunday, April 11, 2010

This time next week it’ll all be over. Record Store Day that is.

I don’t imagine that there’ll be too many of you folks that won’t partake in one way or another? If there are “events” in your airt then let me know and I’ll post ‘em.

My own feelings about the day outside of the communal, social aspect is that it’s being used to flood the stores with overpriced, alleged collectables by an industry in tailspin. The business that it brings for one day needs to be the rule rather than the exception. But how do you educate those who never grew up with the experience and joy of a record store? Maybe you have to teach it in school?? Anyway, I don’t mean to bitch. In essence it’s a good thing although I’m more drawn to the home baking these days than the music. (KM – this means you!).

If my homies overseas need any of the UK stuff then let me know and I’ll try to fix you up. Can’t promise but I’ll do my best. I have it on sterling authority that there are plenty of MC5 and Stooges 45’s from last year still going too incase you missed out on those. There’s the heinous Ebay market to consider too. Vinyl touts will scoop up these already expensive artefacts and peddle them to people who almost deserve to be taken.

This revenue needs to be directed at the surviving store coffers, not some greedy bastards beer voucher fund. So please attend this event and make sure that you visit your most local emporium at least once a week from there on. I realise I’m preaching to the converted to some degree but you never know. It is Sunday morning, the perfect time for a sermon after all.
Plus I’m a little on edge, last day of the holidays and all that. All good things, turning back into a pumpkin, that kinda deal.

Here’s a list of what’s on offer as far as I know. I would urge you to buy something you want rather than something that will appreciate in value. There's a lot of cool, second hand stuff lurking in (some of) these places too so check out some of that action too.

Don't amble into chainstores or their affiliates. Support good old fashion(ed)- endangered species stores only - end of public service gab.

Update at 10.43am... here's a link to what's happening internationally locationwise.


luxivyig1 said...

I guess this record store day is mostly for the USA
Also 100 record shops participating in the UK
I guess nada in France
I'm wondering if this event spread in other countries than US & UK

Lindsay Hutton said...

I know that there was activity in Sweden last year to some degree. It certainly warrants some investigation. Like many other things - Live Aid, the Big Issue (for homeless charities, etc) it starts off as a great, worthy idea and then it gets co-opted by greedy bastards.

I'd welcome some debate on what you folks think of RSD on here. From the shop aspect and the punter and all points betwixt and between. Thanks Patrick.

Murray said...

"why independant record stores fail" - jump to the 5 minute mark

Rab King was free forming some lyrics to a song with us and one of his lines was "the window of the record shop was our internet"

Lindsay Hutton said...

Thanks Murray. I was just looking at the participating stores thing and also the RSD site in general. Couple of very sloppy typos - which I reported - and a plethora of "corporate logos" on there. I have no quibble with commerce but a lot of those have not been helping out the grass roots for some time now.

Bit of a visionary line there from Rab.