Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm not going to be on here for much of the day, certainly not until later in the evening...

So, just a couple of things. Alan has reminded me that it's the final OPTIMO tomorrow night. I imagine they'll be going out with a helluva bang, These guys don't do whimper.

Maybe see some of you at the ALO discussion in Glasgow?

The really exciting news is that Elvis, Elvis is on it's way!

This time next week, the destination will be "The London" for a big gathering of the clans. Some concert or other is on as an incidental.

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alan said...

They reckon about one thousand punters attempted entry to a six hundred odd capacity venue, some flying in from abroad. Never managed myself, a late work call-up took precedent but I had a wee listen on a live audio thing, soundswise, a very broad church indeed.