Thursday, February 25, 2010

Incase we’d forgotten how it was to exist inside a giant slurpy tank, the weather decided to weigh in with a wee reminder today. Yes, we’re having a traditional winter – the way they used to be – and we’re not used to it. Not wishing to be seen as a climate change denier or anything but this is the first time in eons that it’s been this inclement. I’m not complaining, merely providing a commentary.

And, weather and other logistics permitting – I’ll be doing my “Andy Dunkley” bit at this weekend’s Lux Tribute in Glasgow. This means that I’ll be playing music, not dj’ing per se. Full details are here and it would be grand if you could drop by. This time next week I’ll be Stockholm bound and it cannae come soon enough. Tonight’s mission is to score some travel insurance and a bus ticket into the metropolis.

A Real Cool Time Revisited is out on March 3rd (next Wednesday) and you can order it here at CD ON. The big release shindig is on March 5th (next Friday). You can download an English language synopsis of the liner notes here.

In this world of Chinese phisherfolk and the continual deluge of crap, it sometimes feels like I’m drowning. The anti-spam filters and “protection” doesn’t seem to stem the tide. Every day starts with a delete-athon. The nuisance of this will surely chime with all of you folks. Life is short enough as it is. And what of the piss artists that connive to send and actually perpetrate this cyber commotion? Can there really be anyone out there that gets taken with the supplying of bank info and identity details because they receive an ill-spelled request from wherever. The more sophisticated scams maybe – at a push.

And how much Viagra and other meds do they think that I need. A guy could develop a complex. I’m sure that the perp’s never considered that. They’d make better use of their time if they had, right?


Anonymous said...

aye, thats the problem wi facebook links - nae use if you dont do facebook or yer work disnae allow it !

Personally I need lots of these little blue pills, I'm always welcoming them from a cheaper source

Like Arthur from the Lurkers is inclined to say "Punk rock ? its more like bloody monk rock"

Lindsay Hutton said...

Monk-ey rock more like.

What's that song, "Murray's Little Helper"?