Monday, November 16, 2009

Any incident of agreement with sentiments expressed by the Boomtown Rats is entirely coincidental Although I did see them a couple of times and it wasn't horrible but I digress. Monday is getting to be a bugger of a day. It always is but when you’re travelling to and from work in what seems to be darker than pitch black then somehow it seems worse. In keeping with my trying to spend less time in front of this thing – and trying to keep some other balls in the air – we’ll keep the fnar fnar factor going by calling this a quick in and out.

As Nigel Tufnel sez “What’s wrong with being sexy”… Maybe you saw this video that in addition to being easy on the eye sports a damn good Stereo Total-tastic electro-tune. IT MUST BE STATED THOUGH THAT IT PROBABLY ISN’T SAFE FOR WORK AND COULD LIKELY CAUSE OFFENCE TO THE NARROWER OF MIND. This includes the more purist music fans who deplore the music style. On my telly – “it’s a hit”.

For the more staunch, there’s some great commentary on The Stooges Brazilian Caper over at The Houndblog. OK, there's work to do.

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