Saturday, September 05, 2009

It's apparently "Saltire Saturday" here in the daftest wee country in the world. It all has to do with the desperate act that surrounds kicking a ball up and down a park. Something that does not impact on my planet in any way, shape or form. Well hardly ever, it's a pain in the arse travelling anywhere on a day like this. But anyway, coming back from the post office - which was completely dead - I saw this utter bampot that had a saltire motif on his napper. Evidently heading back from the hairdresser. Dearie, dearie me. True pondlife in action. No disrespect to the actual wee beasties that inhabit actual ponds intended.

Things are busy around here and tomorrow, all going to plan, some progress will be made with regard to a project that I've had whispering through my unblazoned head for a long, long time. More on this mysterious happening as and when. Amy and Davie will be continuing with their recording over the course of the week too so hopefully there'll be a whole album in the can by this time next weekend(ish).

I'll be on here trying to play catch up and meeting some of the crew from further afield. Generally doing stuff that doesn't entail heading to the salt mine for 9 whole days. This is a good thing.

You may recall me kvetching some weeks ago now about trying to get Green Day tickets for my nephew. It seems that magically some more tickets have magically appeared. Maybe they fell behind a filing cabinet or something? Aye, right. This bullshit about shows being "sold out" in addition to the inability of their systems to deal with demand is something that needs to be addressed. I urge you to boycott the fuckers that operate in this fashion in whatever way you see fit. Not that we'll actually be able to drive these maggots out of existence anytime soon but it seems like my idea of fun to at least try.


Benjamin said...

Glad to hear you were able to snag tix for GD...I think. Sorry I couldn't hook you up with my connection.

Jon said...

Feeling your pain re: sports fans. Try riding the number 7 train thru the daftest wee borough of NYC during the U.S. Open if you want to fly into a comparable rage!

Lindsay Hutton said...

Jon, we really shouldn't have to put up with these fuckwits ever. Not even the ones that are funny for about 30 seconds.

Ben thanks. Yeah, he's covered now. I imagine he'll live to regret it but that's how it is to be young. The pace they're playing is the absolute pits. I wouldn't go there to see anybody. Ever.

planckzoo said...

I have seen the Magic Christian two times, I can not wait to see them again. Worth whatever you have to pay and whatever traffic you need to deal with!