Monday, August 31, 2009

No further forward on the Reigning Sound front then and languishing in a general state of spreading oneself too thinly. These are two factors of several that are causing some reflection at the minute. I'm back at that regular pit stop of feeling like knocking it all on the head. Looking forward to being off next week and trying to recharge but fear that them batteries are at the stage where they actually need to be replaced as opposed to any simple rejuicing. If I actually arrive at any tangible way of achieving that then there will be some reason for rejoicing. It should be stated that I'm less than optimistic.

Been checking out the soundtrack to "Inglorious" as they advertise it on TV. The credits rolled too fast to catch them on screen. As with all Tarantino movies, the score is top notch and cut into the images like Aldo Ray's hillbilly Brando party piece. Full details here.

That's some fairly decent entertainment, particularly the dialogue for Christoph Waltz. He was like a completely relentlessly evil cyborg version of Norman Wisdom with shades of 'Allo Allo. Worth the price of admission for him alone.

Ongoing random mail strikes, hikes in fuel duty and a general disregard for any sort of reliable, consistent service. Sounds like a mission statement for the UK plc as a (w)hole. The wearing down process continues unabated as does the trajectory of up around the U-bend. Tried to go anyplace lately? It's a case of delay after delay and having to suffer ultra-overpopulation of railway carriages and what passes for a road system. As for Edinburgh, forget that. It's more or less closed and the rat run along one side of Princes Street surely doesn't conform to the Health and Safety legislation that's causing ever-deepening hassle on top of everything else.

So this month is our highest yet in terms of visitors and even although it's not always convenient to update daily, the spirit is at least willing even although the flesh would lollygag all the sodding time if it got way with it. However, cool things are afoot and those will become apparent in due course...


alan said...

If you knock it on the head where will I catch killer lines like this:

"UK plc as a (w)hole"

Thanks for the Basterd sounds too, thought the movie was no bad and the character you mentioned was a standout indeed.


luxivyig1 said...

That Greg Cartwright "Live At The Circle A" is great too