Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My complaint today is much like other days. Not enough time coupled with a distinct fug. There's a ton of stuff to try and do, organise or otherwise and let me assure you, the art of procrastination is not "deid". Distractions are being volleyed and it doesn't take much to divert my attention from what ought to be a priority.

But anyways corrections must be made and I thank Tommy Perman of FOUND for alerting me to the fact that I got his combo mixed up with Meursault. So go back and read Sundays report again with that in mind. My apologies for the mix up or the shake up depending on how you call it. Also The Thanes will not be appearing at henry's on Thursday as previously reported and as it states on the poster outside the club. The bands you will have to run the smoke gauntlet to see are Les Bof!, The Bottleneckers and Lord Rochester. At least I got one right...

But now I must take my leave because I have to get this joint prepared for the arrival of Ms Amy Allison in the morning. Running after the last minute has elapsed as always but still, hoots will be had and fantastic new recordings will be made.

That's a stick-on certainty.

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