Monday, August 17, 2009

Literally heading out the door to catch CJ Ramone and Daniel Rey at Ivory Black's in Glasgow. Danny will be playing almost literally just through several walls from where he was last September with Ronnie Spector. Last act I saw in the place was those fabulous Voladoras and I think it was called Strawberry Fields then. It's essentially a large bar that these days seems to specialise in punk and metal. I'm curious as to just how many this'll cajole out of the wood tonight. Hopefully at least twice as many as would consider going to see Wiggy Ramone. Last time I saw Chris was during the Odor Eaters incident with John, though I doubt he'd remember that. OK, couple of things and I'm gone...

Incase you're overseas or haven't heard or even both, Jo Callis has left The Rezillos. Where this leaves them isn't clear at this juncture but I imagine time will tell. Jo posted this info as a facebook message so no crossed wires involved this time...

Matt and Kim have 4 UK shows as part of a major jaunt with Swedish combo, The Sounds. Not to be confused with the singular British band of almost the same name from Liverpool or wherever. These will go down toward the close of November as follows...

Saturday 21st Nov - Birmingham Academy
Sunday 22nd Nov - Glasgow Oran Mor
Monday 23rd Nov - Manchester Academy
Tuesday 24th Nov - London Electric Ballroom

Ok, more after some school night punk rockin'.... see you over there?

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