Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've had it with clutter in all forms. Digital and physical. Even although the former doesn't take up much actual space, it's still choking my hard drive. That sounds like some kind of twisted euphemism I know but it's not that interesting believe me. Been putting off getting a new system but I'm not sure how much longer that'll be possible.

Why do I download stuff that I'll NEVER listen to? A virtual attic-full that is slowly becoming like the actual one upstairs. Still, it's the comfort factor of knowing it's there, right? Just incase. My head is calibrated oddly with regard to that kind of thing these days. All those Mojo's I was on about? Lying up there waiting to be inventorised prior to disposal. The procrastination is undoubtedly linked to some kind of psycho-atric desire to hang on to them but I’m battling that.

While mulling all this over, I found what happened to Gerard Cosloy's place in Austin. He and his are fine but I imagine that a pretty decent collection of "stuff" in general literally went up in smoke. This kind of thing really gives me the collywobbles and reinforces my need to get with slimming down on the pack rat tendencies.

It's also the time when the utility bills come in and I have to fart about with meter readings and all that crap. The estimates are too low and I don’t want that accumulating and coming back to bite me. Pretty responsible sort of behaviour I think you’ll agree for a wild rock firebrand such as mysel'? I hate these comparison sites. They're supposed to help but my own angle is that they're all involved in a big racket and not the kind your favourite band makes either. Still I'm pretty cheap to run so I dunno if it's worth the headnip for a couple of bawbees.

I need to take care of this now though or it'll drag on. None of these “my life in the song titles of BÖC” on facebeak for this laddie tonight but I will break out the Stalk-Forrest Group CD to provide the soundtrack to my drudgery.


J.D. King said...

Lindsay, I've gotten rid of tons of stuff. And I have no MP3's or anything like that. At some point I realized that I can love something or appreciate something without owning it.

Collecting is a (dull) form of mental illness.

It's nice to have some stuff, but when acquisitiveness chokes your life, it's time to get out the machete and free oneself of the clinging vines!


Best of luck towards a simpler and happier existence, myte!

Lindsay Hutton said...

There is some solid sense being made here from a wise geezer. Grasshopper is ready to get with the steep learning curve.