Sunday, August 02, 2009

Coincidence with the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing notwithstanding, some important notes from space have been captured and etched into 12” vinyl by Sick Thirst. These infectious “repeat-o-rock” tones may or may not be perpetrated by a duo. The only clear information about Moon Duo is that Ripley of Wooden Shjips is involved and this is a primitive, ever more Velvets-y descent into the maelstrom. The Shjips are positively orchestra material compared to this. Designed to be played at 45rpm, the trick is to set the controls for 33rpm and let it marinade your grey matter.

So what you get is 4 songs for the price of two, at album speed it sounds like satan fronting Blue Cheer attempting to create Suicide type modulations. JD King’s concept of the 45 at 33 is once again proven to be several light years ahead of its time. I suspect this drone-tastic squall to be the martian black angel’s death song being channelled by an earthly San Franciscan host prone to what some could figure as experiments in sonic terror. Wonder what goes on if you plays it backwards?

Anyway, this is available now in places where fine records are sold but move fast, it won’t be around for anything like forever in this magic vinyl format.

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