Saturday, August 15, 2009

Better a tad late than never I suppose. Just realised that I hadn't mentioned that The Primevals are playing in Wishaw (pronounced Wishy) today. I hope the weather is a little less inclement thereabouts. Thanks to Paul for the heads up.

Tomorrow they'll be at Duckstock in Glasgow and will be onstage at 4.45pm - ish. Full details here.

I need to be gathering my thoughts and what have yer to bring this thing up to speed over the next day or so. Lot of "localised flooding" around these parts so bloocks to that for a game of soldiers. Did think about going into our local town centre to see a combo that I've heard were half-decent but I imagine that's likely to have been cancelled. Still, if there's a lull in the monsoon then maybe your scribe will brave the elements. Not very likely but there's always the possibility that I'll discover something on the "bunker supplies" front to be deficient.

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