Saturday, May 09, 2009

Yes, the film festival programme is better than last year (in my opinion) but there are logistical problems. In addition to the economic considerations, it crossed my mind to maybe take a week off to "do" the event properly. Idealistically that would be grand but I'm not sure that in the current climate, it would be such a smart move. If I factor out the "time off" concept then the timings of some key activities are loaded against those who may be travelling to get to Edinburgh after a working day.

It's a quandary. Would the money I can't afford to spend be better spent on upgrading my technology? So therein hangs the tale. I have until tomorrow to decide.

Thank Christ for BBc i-Player. It meant that I didn’t have to sit though “… Later” to see Booker T. I could take a scythe to the rest of the acts on there but there would be no point. The man himself was great and I hope that he’ll play over here and more specifically up north sometime soon. Even the now commonplace stage invasion by the show’s irritating mc couldn’t hamper the romp through “Hey Ya”. To have a guy of this stature on and for him to get close to the least airtime was a travesty. Next week, The Dolls and Mozzer are on the same show. So I’ll be firing up that new gizmo again then to check what goes or went down depending when I tune in.


Anonymous said...

The coolest thing about the BBC iPlayer, have you noticed? The volume goes up to 11! PJ

elhombremalo said...

New Dolls album seems short of songs on 2 listens - "Cause I Sez So" is the best thing on it.

and - what's the point in a music program having someone of the stature of Booker T getting less screen time than anyone else ? The Manic Street Preachers ? Taylor Swift ?