Monday, May 04, 2009

This Bank Holiday Monday, I cut along to the recently re-opened
Hippodrome cinema in downtown Bo-Nyucks (Bo’ness). The original
intention was to attend the screening of "Forbidden Planet" last
Wednesday but that would have meant burning a leave day.
That’s a pretty heady currency.

It’s a cracking place and why anybody in this vicinity would
go to Cineworld again after being here would frankly baffle me.
There is a little question of the programming and what’s on when
however that’s obviously down to testing the water. I’m sure it’ll
all settle down into doing a roaring trade. It certainly deserves to.
The show I was at this morning cost £4.75 and included a large
coffee and a cake. Wey hey!

Unfortunately the film itself was a stinker. “The Boat That Rocked”
is not recommended. You’d think that Bill Nighy and Philip Seymour
Hoffman might be watchable in anything but not this. There are about
two laughs over the course of the whole thing and I may be being kind
at that. One involves an Incredible String Band album. Attention to
detail flies outta the window and many records appear to have been
harmed during the making of this debacle.

I urge everybody and a’body to visit the Hippodrome. You can get
the programme here. I clocked that they even have a special
“Tryst Ale” named after this nifty wee shelter from reality.

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martin63 said...

I was in there for a quick pre-view last July and the place looks wonderful!! The cinema is dear to my heart as my grandmother was the pianist there back in silent movie days. Can't wait to see a film there! Thanks for the programme Lindsay by the way!!