Sunday, April 19, 2009

Forget the special RSD releases of retread Stooges/MC5 and whatever, the big item of the day has to be Wooden Shjips "Dos" complete with mix cd compiled by the band. The roots of the Shjips are definitely showing on this limited edition. Vinyl is two weeks away but from what I could see, this was doing brisk business meantime. Not sure if the comp cd will be accompanying that. Probably not.

Anyway, I think that the leaking of this particular release didn't result in sinking sales. Anybody who heard it was babbling uncontrollably about how damn great it is. Track 5, "Fallin'" is quite simply the most hypnotic groove that I've come across in many moons.

Not much info on the packaging. Once again it's the music itself that's doing the talking. If you're in the market for some space rock with a bite then this is your "man" - man. And I use that term as a greeting to all and every gender. Peace? That's a different story, this is anything but peaceful but the perfect Neu/Suicide melding with a "dusting" (yo Tarq!) of Iron Butterfly, has kind of blown my napper innards. (S)h(j)ips don't lie...

I don't completely agree with this review but infowise it has a neat tempo.

"Muchas garcias" to for Dr H who made it possible to hear this several weeks ago.

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