Saturday, January 10, 2009

Being an information junkie, I sometimes wonder how other people react to the stuff that they’re ingesting all the time. For instance, the last couple of days have been awash with some shortlist of acts that are expected to rise to prominence during 2009. I’ve listened to each and every one and while I don’t outright detest any of it, I wonder exactly what qualifies any of it to be hoisted above the parapet. And what can really become super-popular anymore anyway? There are no sure-fire means to set any kind of heather on fire except to build an audience person by person. And even then, it’s a hellishly slow burn. I’m beginning to face the sad fact that music just isn’t that important to people anymore.

If they care at all then it’s because it’s tacked on to some game or other. I’m not talking about us here but this is pretty small potatoes. I always check out what people whose taste I respect flag up. Lots of people used to but now doesn’t translate into any kind of buzz at all. I don’t think that the socio-political terrain is changing like it should either. I don’t think people are angry, I don’t think they’re mad as hell and I think they’re pretty much just resigned to taking it.

I’ve never known the malaise to be quite this desperate. There’s more excitement about the prospect of getting a pint for 99p than there is about anything. Getting blasted, that’s the way to go. The constant bombardment is getting me down. I admit it. What would be the point in refuting that? However, I might be down but I’m not fucking out. Not yet. The bastards that caused all this are hoping that we will be though and I hope to hell that there’s some of second wind ready to blow through their cosseted world. For all of our sakes.

Never mind though, America gets a double whammy (I’ve heard that expression be used a lot on the radio this week) on January 20th. It’s the presidential inauguration AND the day of the Matt and Kim album release for “Grand".

Notes to Obama: John Waters


Anonymous said...

Things here in Illinois are quite fiery, politically speaking. Our House of Reps voted yesterday, 114-1, to impeach our Governor. The Senate takes it on next, with the Gov's lawyers and whatnot. Should be an interesting few weeks coming up. The guy is a rat...R-A-T. At least we've got one of our own from Chicago taking up residence in the White House in 10 days -- sweet, sweet relief. Here's hoping he doesn't drop the ball. An exciting time for people here, at least around Chicagoland. And I'm not talking the ol' "25 Or 6 To 4" neither...

Lindsay Hutton said...

"25 or 6 to 4", ha ha.