Friday, December 05, 2008

A message from Tom Phobic...

Hi kids,

We are at long last proud to announce our new permanent drummer, Mr Charlie Gurney, who the more observant amongst you may have spotted has been present at our last couple of gigs.

Well, the obligatory ransom demand has been met and blood brother ceremony taken place and charlie is now a bona fide PHOBIC! It is a particularly sweet moment for half centurian (we don't know what the other half is) Tom who is reunited with Mr Gurney, erstwhile sticks man in both Bad Karma Beckons and Helltrain, cult garage legends of the 80's.
Still, the time is now, and in particular next Monday 8th December 2008 the place - the New Cross Innand the event -a true legend of punk rock comes to our back yard,

His reputation, and that of the band is the stuff of legend - go find out for yourselves cos the internet is handy like that.

We will be opening the show then MONKISH hit the stage and helmets and as protection are recommended. Finally, JOHNNY MOPED will assault your senses and sensiblilty so for a manic monday look no further than this gig. Be there or stay in for Watchdog on BBC1...


Jeroen Vedder said...

Aaaaarrggghh! That's three days! I can't book a flight on such short notice! I'd love to see Johnny Moped, why the f*** don't you people anounce this in advance so us furrenners can make propper arrangements to be there as well?

Anonymous said...

he's also playing this saturday with the damned, penetration, tv smith radio stars and more. book it danno. apologies for short notice check out myspace sites for these folk for up to the minute news.

tom phobic