Saturday, November 22, 2008

Those Boonaraaas!!! were on piping hot form last night. All roads lead to The Corn Rocket Club tonight! Representatives of NBItB (No blokes in the Boonaraaas!!!) had their gas put at a peep it has to be said. We miss Tine but they sure roused the rabble alright. More later or tomorrow or whenever...


vanouk said...

bonjour a tous
pour les amoureux du rock'n'roll un nouveau forum en francais ici,j'attends de nouveaux inscrits pour pouvoir discuter du bon vieux rock des annees 50-60

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you Fri nite and Sat nite!!!
And thanx for coming down to our club Corn Rocket Club!!!!
There were too many our friends b-day party everywhere around Stokey,so it was not very busy.
But The Boonaraaas was pretty good!
See ya next time!!!


martin63 said...

Dirty Water Club was a great night (as ever!) Lindsay. Very good to see you. And I thought Tine's stand in did a good job - I still say NBiTB though! :-)