Sunday, November 09, 2008

Just pondering the past week. Having blown out the consideration of going to the movies, there's some time to lollygad. Of course there's a ton of stuff I should attend to but the King of Procrastination needs some time to do what he does best. Since this time last week I saw the Wooden Shjips make their debut mooring in the port of Glesgae and attended two shows by the inimitable Wreckless Wrigby. It was an utter gas and a privilege to have them around.

This week will be a little quieter but another diamond geezer is set for these parts. Jon Graboff will be here in his role of Cardinal this Friday at The Picturehouse in Edinburgh. Weekend after that is The Boonaraaas in "the London" and then the one after that, Springfield-er Joe Terry will be in Glasgow. That takes me into bloody December!

When everything seems like they're gonna come crashing in, "it's the little things" that matter.

I'm thinking that this schedule isn't too shabby for somebody who is way old enough to know better. Let's hear it for the power of positive thinking.

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