Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Second day of unfathomably decent weather for this part of the world, not sure what's going on but it's not unpleasant. With that though comes the chore of keeping the garden tidy and my lawnmower - of the non-human being variety - died during a valiant attempt at the first grass cutting of the year. Anyway, the proverbial ball is burst and I'm not altogether sure what the options are. Not fucking visiting garden centres to research getting a new one, thats fer sure.

So I'll keep this short. I have to peruse the EIFF programme and that might take some time. Documentaries on Patti Smith and Lee Perry are on the agenda though as is the new Werner Hertzog. The fact that the print copy didn't arrive in the mail means I have to do that online, not ideal as my eyeballs aren't fried as it is.

Been looking at the stats on this blog lately and visitor numbers seem to be dropping off. I can't say I blame anybody for clicking on less frequently, it suggests that lives are being led. Ho'ever it would be more of a motivation for me if a wee bit of buoyancy was maintained. I DO TRY to update things at least once a day. It's not always possible but it's not though want of giving a hoot. On the other hand, we'd be exactly noplace without our regulars and appreciate the heck out of you folks that do drop by often. So anyway, to the listings...

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