Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Running at the last mo' here and will be outta commish until at least tomorrow...

Got my EIFF tickets and am ready to roll come June. The criteria was that there would be no "blockbusters" but are there any? Another rule I enforced was "no Cineworld screenings" so my patch is limited to Filmhouse and The Cameo. No multiplex! Let's see how it all pans out.

The recent attempts to find homes for those badges and issues of Mojo magazines have come to pretty much nowt. The buttons did OK but only one Mojo has left the crib. I even left info on the magazine message board but heard not one jot. So maybe they'll be bound for recycling in the not too distant future. I hate that thought but I sure as hell no longer have the room for stuff like that just lying about gathering dust.

One good thing is that I managed to repatriate a bunch of Woodentops badges with the band. I've no idea where they even came from but now they can go to folks that want them. I'm gearing myself up for a huge purge because well, I can't take it with me.

Where am I going? Who the chuff knows but I don't need all this STUFF anymore. Maybe I've grown up?? It doesn't feel like it and I doubt that you'd get certification to that effect. And finally - like that spot on the real news. An alternative to that UEFA action in Glasgow tomorrow night... Matt and Kim's debut show in Scotland...

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