Friday, April 04, 2008

Not a bad start to the weekend, got home to find a DVD of the Säkert! TV thing so I can watch it properly and not on this gas-powered pc with tinny sound. Thanks Lennart.

On top of that there are some new Girl Trouble songs on their myspace. Hear 'em and wish you were going to The Dive tomorrow night. Heck, maybe you are?

If you're in LA, Lysa Flores and El Vez are at East Side Luv tonight. When you're in Rome on April 4th what do you do? You go see Margaret DollRod, that's what.

Her Eurojaunt kicks off tonight and all going well we'll be catching up with her via Brother Patrick. Doesn't include the UK unfort but one of these days...

OK, if this mood persists then I might get some work done this (long) weekend. We'll see.

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