Sunday, April 13, 2008

Never even knew this was on the go until I read Joachim Hiller's review in OX. Maybe Cherry Red will help get the other three-quarters over here to play?

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Ha ha. This Babelfish translation of that review says it all.

The lads made a suited entrance from a laser, brandishing the thick (IKEA) booklet: "Incoming Goods Had Love!".


Kim Salmons SCIENTISTS are again here and there active since 2006, played concerts in England and published via ATP with "Sedition" a live with cut of its "Shepherds Bush of Empire" concert. Over 20 years, after those ensured volume from the Australian Perth only in England and then also on the remainder of the European continent with its dark, force-industrial union-rhythmic Rock'n'Roll in spirit relationship to GUN CLUB, CRAMPS and BIRTHDAY party for enthusiasm, the interest to the SCIENTISTS thus again awoke, and there has itself Cherry talk decided, a modified version of the long-known "Blood talk River: to present 1982-1984"-Zusammenstellung, which appeared 2000 via CIT aristocracy (CD) and/or Munster (LP). 21 Songs are here, and of the 13 Studiotracks (under it "Swampland" and "This is my happy hour") the very most come from this album - only "Demolition are missing derby" to "incoming goods had love" and "Clearspot". Instead there are "Fire escape" and various rare live TRACKS: four were restored of 1982 from the "laser" in Sydney (inclusive "Swampland") as well as three pieces of a "Live one in Radio" session from the same year, those only recently of an old MC ("When worlds collide", "The spin", "Revhead"). By the detailed Linernotes in the thick Booklet a suited entrance publication in things SCIENTISTS, whereas the old-served fan must decide whether the live TRACKS are worth the double purchase to him. Otherwise I guess/advise to the purchase of the various CIT aristocracy releases. (9)

Stig O'Hara (8 and 3/4)