Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Day Care Centre
A Jumpin’ Jackpot of Melody (Czecher Records)

This double vinyl extravaganza should appeal to those who have been following the Wooden Shjips since they left port. The DCC specialise in extended Velvet-ine workouts with some Neu/Barret era Floyd groove to help it along. Ranging from the almost serene to a downright squall, these jams are pretty damn fluid. I know that Chris reviewed it over at BTC some time ago and there’s little I can add to his findings. You just stick it on and let it work, providing a soundtrack to whatever it is that requires to be done. Far as I know this is only available on vinyl although you can test run some tracks on myspace.

It’s the commentary on Side 4’s closer that adds a disturbed element to the piece. A brass band sample ushers us out. Part military, part N.O. funeral band segues into the musical box finale and cut. Pretty peculiar considering the remainder of the album. And that’s what it is. You can’t shuffleplay this kids.

The disc only road in the gatefold is a commendable one. The format is all part of the experience. Like it was before music was doomed to be consigned to iPods and PC/Mac speakers. This would sound just as sweet on a one speaker dansette, maybe even more so. Transporting the listener back to a time when it felt as though everything was simpler and that anything was possible. It’s out of synch with the realities of petrol being £1.07 a litre and counting. Yours truly is down with anything that dulls the pain of that.

PascalGalgberget (Novoton)

So take the undulating skewed blues nature of The Cramps and add some Marco Pirroni-style Morriconeisms. Stir in a hint of Bob Hund and Television via Sigur Ros and Stereo Total and you’re beginning to get a beat on where Pascal are at.

“Cadillac” is like The Move’s “Do Ya” with a transfusion of the Mary Chain. The only thing standing between this combo and total world domination is the fact that it’s sung in Swedish. To be honest, I’m not sure that matters. While the world and it’s granny is caught up in the desperation of SxSW, the Novoton imprint is harbouring two likely contenders for having critics wet themselves.

You folks will love, love, love this album. I’ve never been more sure of anything in recent weeks. If they can deliver this live, then we’re all in big trouble. Clocking in at just under 33 minutes, “Galgbergat” is a monster and it comes in a beautiful embossed gold foiled package too. Exquisite.

PaperAn Object (Novoton)

Another serious feather in the cap of this new to me label is this trio. On the face of it, the name is unassuming and I’m not familiar with any of the other bands that these guys are involved with. The packaging is kinda like a 70’s prog vinyl gatefold deal lulling the listener into a false sense of security no doubt. Closer scrutiny indicates the involvement of the ubiquitous Konie and that puts an altogether different complexion on things. Paper as it turns out are something of a La Dusseldorf/Neu throb with shards of Joy Division or even Mogwai. The bumf mentioned Wire but this is way less contrived than that. It’s organic to the point of being hypnotic. And the sound is very full blooded to the point of relentless, like Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark spiked with something Franz Ferdinand couldn’t ever conceive of. “Strider” is an instrumental which pits a Martin Rev-like jolt against some solid repeato-riffage.

“To Her” reminds me of New Math while “Aphid” gives some idea of the kind of welly Wilko Johnson might have brought to the post punk table. “Our So Long” kicks off positively Mike Oldfield-esque and melts into a more Being Boiled era Human League synth pattern.

Über-eclectic and recalling an era that is definitely in some sort of vogue, Paper are recycling an unassuming monolith that rubbish like Foals with their acres of press will never even get near.

The ThingsTiger EP (Psycho Sound)

If you recall, last time we caught up with these Dublin kids there was a pretty high Cramped factor going on. I’m pleased to report that they’re really beginning to develop and fill out. This one is conjuring up aspects of Pere Ubu and The Jet Black Berries to arrive at a more keyboard driven deconstruction of the rock form. The vocals are definitely bound for Crocus Behemoth-era David Thomas. I wonder if they’re familiar with Rocket From The Tombs? Anyway, grab the limited edition 7” while you can because that’s the way to experience their fumes for sure.

I guess the tracks are up at myspace so you can drop by there for a swatch if you’re so inclined.
That's one thing about this interweb, it can provide instantaneous sonic gratification. You can consider my ramblings with what you hear yourselves. What a wonderful, er, world...


luxivyig1 said...

Yep Lindsay,
The Things are cool, they even can give you a hard on : "It Thing Hard On" ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay, you got great taste in music ;-). Daggan, Novoton

Anonymous said...

Great taste in music....I thought that was the whole point of coming here! Lindsey rules. Having been away from Scandinavia for a while now I have no clue about what´s going on. but, I was recommended Pascal! They Rock!!!! /kjell

Anonymous said...
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