Tuesday, February 12, 2008

RIP - Steve Gerber (Creator of Howard The Duck)

(Thanks to Ben for the link)

Today started way early but the fog actually burned off to reveal a cracking blue sky. Too bad I couldn't make it outside. The warden put paid to that. Hoo'ever - it's just two days until those Nomads hit "the London". To quote my big buddy Joss - "see you at the bar...".

Saturday night they're in Brighton so maybe that's more convenient for some of you? Just don't flippin' miss them, OK?


And I almost forgot, but you shouldn't - that Fay Fife makes her "solo" debut at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh this coming Thursday. That's Valentines Day, 14th February.


Anonymous said...

will definately see you at the bar Mr L! You going to Brighton too?


Anonymous said...

I am envyous!!! Me wants to se the NOmads too.................