Monday, February 04, 2008

Beleaguered just about covers it for me at this point tonight, maybe preceded by an expletive or two. I’ll spare you the details and crack on...

“Nous Sommes The Tremolo Beer Gut Qui le Fuck Êtes-Vous?” translates as “We Are The Tremolo Beer Gut, Who The Fuck Are You?” Charmed I’m sure…

Reminds me of this wee oily creep that goes up to a good looking girl way off his beat and says “What would you say to a wee fuck?” The girl replies, “Hello wee fuck”. Ha ha but anyway, let’s get on with the meat of the matter. This Danish instro-Mental combo has the chops to back up the bravado of that title. This isn’t just another surf flavoured sturm und drang. We’re cruising the fjords sailed by the likes of The Bambi Molesters and Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks here. Cinematic with a dash of Morricone and Nietzsche (Jack , natch) Heavy duty fare, not that piss thin proto-garage that so often let’s the side down. This is somewhere between The Scientists shooting the curl on that "Blood Red River" and Link Wray blasting us from beyond the phantom zone. Coming at you in their own, patented “Wide-ass Stereo”. “9 Times The Pain” has an analog Moroder groove. “Junkie Tools” deconstructs Cliff’s “Devil Woman” and shimmies dangerously close to the tomb of Joe Meek to whip up something more damaging than a mere tornado or three.

Special guest stars such as Matt Verta-Ray and The Micragirls drafted in to make the party swing but this is some sick, twisted fun alright. Top tuneage with great titles like “(She’s Got) Peter Lorre Eyes”, what’s not to worship.

Available now on the Crunchy Frog imprint.

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