Saturday, June 02, 2007

So, this seems to be working again... once again dependancy on this sodding box in the corner of my living room has given me cause for concern. On a more upbeat note, my Roky ticket arrived.

Check out this short tribute to BBC Radio Scotland in Queen Margaret Drive by Tom Morton. I think the move to all purpose hell-hole on the south side is complete. I know a lot of you folks that read this have been there, some have worked there and some have some damn good memories from there. There's even a shot of the "Geezer Butler" courtyard but not one of the big studio where they did orchestra recording etc. The first time I was ever in there was in 1967 or something, with my father when he was recording with Muirhead and Sons Pipe Band. I wonder what will happen to that and sincerely hope it becomes a soundstage as was mooted.

The end of yet another era is upon us and Byres Road may never be the same again...

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