Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh yeah, I know what I forgot. Saw Planet Terror and thought it was a hoot. A lot of love and obsession went into that for sure. Don't understand why it got panned at all. One gripe is that the jumping and faux print quality is a bit of a pain but other than that. I'd like to see it be turned into a series. Really. Also, as I consider how to tackle this pile of stuff to share with you, I'm listening to the soothing strains of Home Blitz. Have you heard "Hey!"? Well you need to but it's not on their page, "Stupid Street" is though. This furthermore confuzzles me as to what year it is. More about that later though, meanwhile check this out, the fatties are gonna make the earth spin off its axis, that's the subtext, right? Is it April 1st? I just don't know anymore. maybe it's a peculiar dream. If it is then I must attempt to find out what I ate that brought it on. One thing is for sure, news ain't what it used to be.

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