Sunday, August 12, 2007

A public information announcement from Tom Phobic...

"Hi Kids, get your grubby selves down to the Dirty Water Club on Thursday, August 23rd for a special featuring THE STALKERS (from New York City) and their own brand of mischief and mayhem wrapped up in perfect garagepunkpopsongs. Expect a Star Spangle in their midst on guitar deputising duty making this a unique one off occasion. They're flying over to do the Reading and Leeds festivals but require a little limbering up session beforehand to get their juices going, and it is up to us dear reader, to welcome them with open arms and deep pockets and make sure when then go back home they have a suitcase full of great rock n roll memories (or at the very least some hand luggage), and a maybe a hangover ot two.

To aid & abet them in this quest, THE PHOBICS and THE SWANKERS have been enlisted for their proficiency and expertise in this area. All that is missing is a huge throbbing crowd and that's where you come, come in on Thursday 23rd August or be a boring stopathomebillynomates.

Another date to stick in your diary is Friday 21st September when we play a Swamp Productions gig at The Living Bar. 443 Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 8LN. This venue has an excellent location, only 200 metres from Brixton Tube so even Moyni will be able to find it.

We are on around 11pm with a triple shot of rising glam punk rock n roll talent, Bubblegum Screw + Rapidfire Radio + Geisha kicking off proceedings and its FREE Yup, FREE! Finally, we might be doing Crossfields Festival in Deptford , but more news on that if it happens. Keep September 2nd free just in case.

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