Friday, August 03, 2007

Just sitting here digging a slice of CAKE (just missed Smashed Gladys but I'll dig out "Social Intercourse" an give the neighbours a treat later) , thinking about this weekend's activities. These include seeing Hamell On Trial in Edinburgh and getting this joint in order for several visiting dignitaries.

Talking about Auld Reekie, was sad to hear this morning that Romanes and Paterson on Princes Street was on fire. No, that doesn't mean doing really well, it means bloomin' well burning. Anybody who has been here will maybe know it as the tartan shop that has a nice wee tearoom upstairs where they knock out a pretty decent haggis panini. We're all about the fusion cuisine here y'know. Anyway, I always picked up certain confectionery in there but I guess that's all gonna be knocked on the head. certainly for now. Also thought it was cool how the first part of the name was an anagram of youknowwho and I'm not generally that easily pleased. Here's the link to the story.

Smoke damaged "See You Jimmy" hats anyone?


Rich said...

smoke-damaged SeeYouJimmy hats?? That's the best kind!!

ClearPlan said...

The press for the Hamell On Trial insisits that this is the Edinburgh debut. I seen him about 2-3 years ago at La Belle Angell in the Cowgate, so I think that might be a little erroneous. May be the debut for this stand-up comedy show type thing?

Lindsay Hutton said...

Ed Hamell has been up north several times. I imagine that they mean it's the first time for "The Terrorism (of everyday life)". Actually, to my knowledge, this has only been performed in NY and Philadelphia prior to Edinburgh. Then again. He's also back with Ani Defranco at the ABC Glasgow in October. Anyways, try to see him. You'll like it As hardcore strumming goes this guy is hard to beat. No Stooges pun intended.