Friday, July 13, 2007

Well, I finally got my mitts on the Edinburgh Film Festival programme. No thanks to the post office being on strike and whatever else. I'm going to have a right thorough rake through it so will get back to you. Hannah McGill appears to have been able to breath new life into what was becoming a tad stagnant. There's a broad church of stuff in there. Back tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Pah Film Festival; Schmilm Festival!!
The real news is Posh & Bex have hit LALA land.
These Americans may think they know a thing about stoopid vacuous dunderheids.....they know nothing I tell you nothing!!
Oh by the way I'd really like a heads up on that John boy Waters thing in Edinburoo.... thats if you ever leave 'the bunker' in these troubled times?

Lindsay Hutton said...

Aye, being somewhat phalkirkfobic I don't venture out much but I did this morning and left the info at the shop for you. Called and you're in Harrogate?! Jings... Well I lost your e-mail so gimme a holler.