Sunday, July 08, 2007

Stands to reason doesn't it. There's more (alleged) music on TV these days at a time when it seems to be well down the priority list despite the ipod ownership. And no wonder. It's almost uniformly duff and seemingly scheduled by the ailing music business. Wouldn't it be something for there to be some objectivity from the presenters too? Like they could cut away from some honking set to see everybody holding their noses or holding up a card with "stinker" sharpie'd on to it?? Never gonna happen but think about how great it would be if there wasn't all the fawning and hard-sell. Would it be such a bad thing to express an opinion? Just one??

It's my own fault I know but I like to see and hear what's supposed to be popular. That creates a perspective for me between what is and what, in my opinion, should be popular. Just because this stuff is peddled en masse doesn't mean that it's actually popular either. HMV did a mailout today trying to capitalise on the LiveArse thing. Selling product by the artists cheap that included the Al Gore documentary. This was the dampest of damp squibs, these things simply don't work anymore. The world has moved on, not too much further but maybe 100 yards or so.

Even Spinal Tap wasn't as exciting as the prospect of them appearing but it was OK. I read some report about how they has falling rocks as stage props. Dearie me. You just expect people to be cultured. If the drummer had "exploded" at the end, now that would have made all the difference. However, being introduced by Marti De Bergi was a nice touch, irrespective of carbon footprint considerations. And why did the BBC cut away as they went into "Big Bottom"? Would the expression "bum cakes" cause the nation to run amuck?

And as I sit here The Fratellis "Chelsea Dagger" is blasting into the ol' bunker from Nedstock™ (courtesy of Mr McLean) and it's all very perplexing and so very, very dull. I'd really like to have seen a couple of songs by The Skids but you possibly have to have that cable or satellite caper involved so I'll wait for YouTube.

Another weekend over, running on fumes and careering toward the inevitable. Need to go and look out my Martin Rev albums, inspired by the fact he's playing in San Francisco on July 26th.

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