Thursday, July 05, 2007

RIP - Boots Randolph

Unseen of The Cramps (circa 1986) at Stockholm Rock Action (Thanks Johan)

Coming up this weekend in Edinburgh...

Once more into the torrential rain...


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the mention Lindsay, the Eddies are no longer playing due to time constraints so its a 3 band lineup for 6 quid

Looks like Paul Research from the Scars will join us for a song (or hopefully two) and anyone that asks me will get a copy of the acoustic album for feck all, which has the first two albums on it as unlisted bonus tracks - Shock and Awe - never knowingly undersold ! ye'll no get that kind of service from whoever is second top at T in the park !

for those that cannae make it, you can download it all and more


Murray ..... eh, I mean "Bobby Awe"

Anonymous said...

Excellent evenings entertainment, I particularly enjoyed the lesbian stage invasion, and the time warp polish skinheads. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Cheers Mr Anonymous - did you get a cd ? do I know you ? gies a mail at I particularly enjoyed the lesbians myself, heres the video footage of the whole gig - definately not our finest performance on a strictly 'musical' level but a great gig all the same - have ten beers before watching and you'll enjoy it fine (although its a bit bass heavy as thats where the camera was stuck)

actually, most of the lesbian footage is off camera, but it was a cracking night all the same
Pauls bit is at 22 minutes in case anyones just looking for that, he couldnt make the practice which is why walk on the wildside is such a car crash !

I'll stick some of the Lurkers set up on youtube in the next couple of days, they did a great version of the KKK took my baby away

next Edinburgh gig at the Hive (used to be the honeycombs/vaults/niddrie street practice rooms depending on your age)on friday september the 28th, its bobby awes "21st" birthday bash