Monday, February 05, 2007

Using up the last remaining vacation days means trying to tie up loose ends... but there are so many which have unravelled to the point of no return. But anyway, some stuff that'll keep you amused for a wee while...
Mr H flagged up this Wooden Shjips article at Dusted. You can also listen to their shjotguntastic "Shrinking Moon For You" as a musical backdrop.
Mr Rafferty dropped me this link for the new Joan Jett video. And you figured they didn't make them like this anymore? So did I... did I ever tell you that I stood next to JJ at a Flamin' Groovies show once?
Ben ran these clips past the Staysickers... this version of "The Explosives" seem a little clunky to me in their attempt to bolster Roky but i'll let you make out your own mind. Mr Gart also reminded me about this New Bomb Turks dvd from their show at the Cas Rock in Edinburgh some moons ago. There's every chance i'm in it...
Bjorn provided this link to the Barracudas film available as bitesize chunks on YouTube some time ago but I only just found it (er, remembered) when i was looking for something else.
I was never what could be construed as a Clash fan but some of you might be, so check out Strummerville.
Songs The Nomads Taught Youse, J found this on ebay... and at the other end of the financial spectrum, Mr Percival hepped me to this.
So that'll keep you going meantime. Just heard that today is the day that people are most likely to call in a "sickie". Why don't they have pre-publicity for that type of event? I wasn't born to work or follow. Such is what passes for life.

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