Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Found this when I was looking for something else, it was taken (by me on a daft wee instamatic) backstage at the Glasgow Apollo on Thursday, May 31st 1979. The reflection in the mirror is one Fay Fife. This was the first ever Cramps show in the UK when they were opening for The Polis (as we'd call them up here). Setlist (in Bryan's handwriting) was: Garbageman, Rocket in my Pocket, The Way I Walk, Rockin’ Bones, I Was A Teenage Werewolf, Sunglasses After Dark, Human Fly, Twist and Shout, Weekend On Mars, Mystery Plane. Reproduced here from a page in NBT 9/10 that came out in 1979.


Anonymous said...

I was there! It was a bonkers rockin' hulaballoo. Scarred me for life. (in a good way). 5 songs in, my musically literate pal informed me "That's 5 songs all in the same key". and I thought "That's a good idea!". The Beat Poets have prospered from it.

all the best to you and yours for 2007.

Howard Wall

luxivyig1 said...

Great pix, Lindsay.
And what a good memory about the set list (mind or tape ?)
F..k the Polis
Sexy year 2007 to yall

Lindsay Hutton said...

What mind? No, it was a xerox of Bryan's scribble that appeared in NBT 9/10 many of those earth moons ago... I scanned the ticket and setlist repro and added it here.
Cheers troops!

Anonymous said...

that was one of those life changing gigs-THE CRAMPS tore the apollo up that night-THE POLICE just faded in to the background. it was right up there with THE CLASH from july 78 gig-there,s nothing like a real krazed rockin gig to soothe yer soul-THE CRAMPS are the ultimate sinners!