Sunday, September 24, 2006


"So you may or may not know that we've decided to host an all-ages punk show in Tacoma at Hell's Kitchen. Starts tomorrow (Sept 24th) at 5 pm and ends promptly at 9. Tell mom and dad you'll be in bed by 10 for school the next day! We are fed up with the rash of pay-to-play shows cropping up in the Northwest. These companies are telling new bands that flyers and print ads don't work. They suggest that the pre-sale of expensive tickets is the only way to have a successful show. Of course, all or most of the money goes to the company not the bands. Girl Trouble says they are full of CRAP. Five new Tacoma bands have agreed to participate in our experiment. We are hosting this show. Girl Trouble is not playing, but KP Kendall will act as Master of Ceremonies. We're doing this one the old fashioned way. No pre-selling tickets, one low price of $6 at the door. When the rent is paid, the rest of the money goes to the bands.
We hope you will join us for what we hope will turn out to be an entertaining evening of rock and roll. For more information be sure to check these fine blogs... Thanks to Three Imaginary Girls for their support on the KEXP website. And always thanks to Tacoma scene supporter Bobble Tiki and the Weekly Volcano."

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