Sunday, August 13, 2006

Been getting to grips with the JD King and The Coachmen thing entitled AMERICAN MERCURY and tis a mercurial beast to be sure. Just released on Ecstatic Peace, this is mood swing music that works at all volumes. It's swinging frequencies work equally enthrallingly as ambient Sunday am background textures and also unfathomably loud. And with the moods swinging pendulously you'll hear shards of Velvets and T. Rexian garageisms amongst the shimmering backdrops of crisp, burning tones. The polar opposite of noodling awaits anybody with ears open to something other than yer usual ramalama fare. there's a depth and soul displayed here that makes me wish they were on the bill for that Sonic Youth fest in December where The Stooges and DKT/MC5 will be going HiDeHi on the audiences collective ass. Now if these folks were playing, I'd be down there like mud on a pig. Read more about it at Blog to Comm. Get it in the UK from Volcanic Tongue.

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