Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Would you believe?... Agent 86 dead at 82. RIP - Don Adams (Sad news from Chief Thewlis)

Update at 6.15pm... Couldn't do much earlier but surreptitiously post something from work. I was sorry to hear about Max. When Channel 4 started here they broadcast a whole bunch of the original series. Pretty sure that's where my habit of addressing people as "Chief" came from but anyway, when Tony broke the news to me, I tried to find a story. The BBC ran a small piece but that was all. It's much bigger news in the USA and Australia where they take this kinda culture a bit more seriously. I imagine Agent 99 is fairly devastated right about now... Time to rake for those VHS's.


Christopher Stigliano said...

Lindsay, I thought your habit of calling everyone "Chief" derived from your adoration and emulation of Jack Larson as Jimmy Olsen on the old SUPERMAN tee-vee show!

Lindsay Hutton said...

I'd like to claim that but nope, t'was Ed Platt.

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