Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Frank Macdonald just contacted me with the bad news that the great John Herald died.

Update at 6.54am 21/7 : It was confirmed by John's agent, Sarah. No more details at present but when any news comes in I'll let you know. I had the pleasure of meeting John and seeing him play during his many trips to Scotland. He made a record with The Radio Sweethearts called "Roll on John" which was released on Spit and Polish. One of the original folk troubadors, his work with The Greenbriar Boys is exemplary and he deserved much more than the cards life dealt him.

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Anonymous said...

Jeez, I'm shocked, John was a lovely man. John and Francis McD once stayed over round my place in London, and Mr Herald's unselfconscious humanity was immediately apparent, even while he was tucking into a Hackney-style kebab, and decrying the lack of real political discourse among the so-called 'hip' denizens of Woodstock, where he'd lived since the days when The Band were up at the Big Pink. A great night, with a lot of laughs, and some great - all totally true - tales about the early Greenwich village scene, and smoking his first doobie with a certain Mr Zimmerman. What a shame!