Saturday, December 10, 2005

What's with this weather? Less than a week ago it was sub zero, now its miserably damp but mild. Stand by for mutating viruses everybody. Just in time for your Christmas break. Coughs and sneezes are everywhere, Brits have a stiff upper lip, they don't like to stay in until their cold, flu, whatever is gone. They like to share, particularly the denizens of large open plan, call centre-esque offices. However, jockeying for some imaginary position of status will always win out so what's the point in mithering about it.

Don't forget The Woggles show in Edinburgh this coming Tuesday at Studio 24. It's a school night I know but it'll all be over by 11pm so it's kinda like a matinee. Besides Aram needs to cover his stake on this. Maybe Mr Coleman will write something about his encounter with the band at Dirty Water last night over the next day or so to put you in the mood?

Let's see what else... I guess the deadline for objections to The Cameo debacle passed yesterday. let's hope that enough of us responded to get this ridiculous notion banished from our collective radar. It'll be a couple of weeks before we find out what the verdict on the planning application will be. Fingers and everything else crossed then, eh?

Jings, crivvens, help ma boab... just found this Broons/Oor Wullie site on Tom Morton's Beat Croft blog.

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Anonymous said...

Oops...only just read your reference to the Woggles at the DWC. Well, I enjoyed the band immensely as I have done on previous occasions. Manfred and co are decent chaps and can sure whip-up a RnR storm. 'Fraid to say that my old legs do sometimes crave for a ballad to change the pace a bit though. I hear what you are saying about the Super Rock connection but I really believe believe that the Woggles are there own men. Besides, the 'Tones have not played the UK for over ten years now so this will do mighty fine until the day comes round again. Of course there is a part of my heart which wishes it were the 'Tones who were tearing-up UK tarmac and not the boys from Atlanta (and Folkestone) but good luck to the Woggles anyway. At least I can be a smug git when spinning the 7" Sizzlers comp and know how "Line On You", "Get Down With It" and perhaps "Concentration Baby" arrive on said platter. In short, please don't knock the Woggles too much 'cause there are precious few bands who demonstrate this kind of committment to performance. Hey, they make you smile too which cannot be a bad thing.