Saturday, December 24, 2005

Circumstances prevent me from covering last night’s BEATSTALKERS show at any great length but I can tell you that they pulled it off. They built the critter and people dragged themselves along to the fabled Glasgow venue where the band played regularly some 40 years ago. Augmented by backing singers and brass there was a certain oomph added to the material which included their recorded work and some “standards”. Particularly impressive was a glam marinated sprint through “Stagger Lee”. The Thanes did what they do prior to The ‘stalkers and turned in a fine, possibly too short set of long forgotten and some never known beat nuggets. I left to catch a train with a flu virus stompin’ on my noggin and it’s showing no signs of abating at the minute. My “Christmas” is pretty much on the ropes. I hope you’re faring somewhat better…

Update @ 15.50 hours - Mr Cruickshank confirmed that Zal Cleminson (SAHB) joined the band onstage toward the end of the show and fired things up a gear. It really was a good-natured affair. Like something set up for a great lost episode of Taggart or something. It was more like a social than your regular Barra's rock show. With a special ambience specific to Glasgow and then some.

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