Monday, October 17, 2005

Just heard from Coyotemen HQ that our pal Kike Turmix has passed away. Can anybody confirm this?

Update at 19.00 hrs...
It’s true then, the big fella has made his exit. Sad news. I knew Kike for what seems like forever but I only actually met him once. He had a tireless passion for rock’n’roll and was absolutely key to the spread of this music as a virus across Spain and indeed the world. Kike got me on board to write the liner notes for his Dictators tribute volumes that came out on Roto and though we weren’t in constant contact, I guess we knew where the other one was should a situation arise. Last I recall was when he needed a copy of Girl Trouble’s "Hit It Or Quit It", which was retrieved from the vault and shipped forthwith because I knew it was going to a good home.

Mr Turmix made a difference and was a pleasure fucker through and through by all accounts, the man lived his short life to the full. Faster and louder than most all of the competition, we’ve lost one of our Generals here. Kike was a real character and the legend can only grow like topsy from here. Wonder who’ll play him in the film?

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Anonymous said...

It's true. He died last night of liver cancer.

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Jeroen Vedder said...

Like Lindsay, I only got to meet Kike once. And on the exact same day that is, as the NBT crew was out in full force in Madrid catchin' the Dictators. At that point Kike was recovering from a heart attack he got after spending some time on the road with one of Tony Slug's bands. After all the stories that filtered up north about the guy, it was weird meetin' someone tryin' to adjust to a lifestyle of lo-cal and mineralwater. All the same, it was a pleasure shakin' hands with him. Standing outside the Louie Louie bar, he had nothing but kind words for each 'n everyone; be it his sister (who was tendin' the bar that night), the Slugster or H.D.M.
K spend most of his life in the left lane and obviously that took it's toll. But he was a goog guy, no two ways about it... RIP Enrique.

Anonymous said...

Kike was a good friend of me and Suzy. He would make us laugh hysterically with his neverending bad jokes about basques and spanish rednecks. He might have been controversial but, those of us who loved him paid more attention to the good points, which were a lot.
I'll remember him forever, most of my best records, i got them at his old flat, while he was showing me weird stuff he got from the net and farted like crazy.
Hell is a much more fun place since Kike made his entry!

BB Quattro
Suzy & Los Quattro