Sunday, September 25, 2005

I have to admit it. I'm no Dylan afficianado. However, I'll be tuned into the Scorsese doc on Monday and Tuesday like everybody else. I recognise his place in the musical firmament and am prepared to be blown away by this event. It's funny, with all the furore around it, this is a real happening. There'll be a huge TV audience all watching the same thing at the same time. That almost never happens anymore and that in itself is something tangibly reassuring. I know some hipsters have viewed the thing already and that the dvd is actually available but simply the notion of folks all tuning into the same item at the same time is huge. Well as huge as anything gets these days. Anyways, re Bob - what I like most about him is that he recognises Dave Alvin as the ace guitar player he is. I like Mary Lee's "Blood On The Tracks" more than I like the real thing. I'm hoping I can be swayed into discovering the secret that the man's rabid followers riff over. There's a piece in the Sunday Herald here today where "important figures" pick their favourite Dylan song. Jim Sclavunos is in there alongside Scotland's first minister Jack McConnell. Odd is perhaps the best word to describe such an undertaking. Have a look for yourselves... I have to split, more Status Quo coming up on Corry.


Jim H said...

Huh... it really wasn't that big of a deal here in the States. From what I saw of it, it was a pretty tame (boring) rehash with little new information or any reason to reconsider one's opinion of the film's subject.

Lindsay Hutton said...

I thought it was great and not tame or boring at all. It even had clips of Webb Pierce and Gene Vincent in there. I don't think I had much of an opinion of the film's subject other than maybe he was overrated and won't be rushing out to buy the records. This made me think that there's maybe something to the guy after all though. Not always easy with a bloody-minded twonk like myself.