Saturday, August 27, 2005

So that's it, the Film Festival shuttle engine is cooling. Much as I'd like to catch Gunner Palace tomorrow, I think it's unlikely. But anyway, Thursday I saw JUNEBUG. It's a nice little piece which travels at a slow pace but doesn't ever wander from the point. The score by Yo La Tengo is somewhat understated and maybe it's a tad "wumminey" (woman-y) but it's well structured. I settled into it just fine. Don't be put off by any references to Gus Van Sant in the promo blurb.

Last night seemed like it was gonna be a disaster. Stuck on a train because of a track power failure, the seconds ticked by and it looked like THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON would be screening without us. However, an effort was made to scoot up there and I guess I missed about 10 minutes of it. All I can say is that I'm glad that I did hightail it up there. It's a really insightful and entertaining film and you won't have to be too conversant with DJ's output to enjoy it. He's a troubled boy alright but I guess it's that which drives him further out than almost anybody. You'll be searching out those early tapes after you see it.

NBT regulars will be pleased to hear that there's an appearance by one Peter Zaremba and also music by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips. It also includes a clip of an appearance in Hoboken's great, no longer with us, Pier Platters Record Store (with a Trigger and the Thrill Kings promo shot on the wall right behind him. There's actually another screening tonight (Saturday) so if you're in the 'hood then you should attend. I would if I could but I cannae but plan to see the entire film just as soon as is (humanly) possible. I think it's at the ICA in London this coming week (Tuesday 30th) also, so folks down there should check that out.

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