Sunday, November 28, 2004

Just saw this from Ben... Very sorry to hear that this fine New York store will disappear...

"Hey Folks -

A bittersweet Rock n Roll Bash!


Wowsville Records going away party

Thurs December 2:

At Siberia – 356 W. 40th Street at 9th Avenue
Doors 8:30PM
Cover TBA

This show is a send off for NYCs ONLY punk rock record store, Wowsville Records on 125 2nd Avenue. Alberto Camarasa and his wife Sonia opened the store 5 years ago this December. The couple moved from Spain and knew no one; in 5 years time, the store became THE punk/garage record store, hangout, meeting spot, make shift happy
hour in NYC.

Wowsville was also a shrine to some of NYCs most important bands, especially THE RAMONES – rare vinyl, memorabilia, posters, videos and, of course the photos. The store had an amazing collection of punk photos for sale by Roberta Bayley, Godlis and others. NYC artist and scene-hopper Mark Khostabi painted a recent series
honoring his old haunts in the East Village– he decided to include Wowsville in a painting because he felt it too has become a landmark. And Lux Interior and Poison Ivy from the Cramps dropped by their last time in town to say hi and spend some money!

Alberto is also a tireless promoter of bands that he loves – go into his store around the time of a release by a band in his favor and you'd hear it ALL WEEK LONG –he would make people buy new releases by such bands as BLACK LIPS, LITTLE KILLERS, TYRADES, THE SPITS and THE LIDS among many many others. Also, when many of these bands were on tour, they would always make sure to pay a visit. This was the
meeting place for the underground punk and garage scene both locally
and nationally and it will be sorely missed!"

Anybody out there know why? Other than the fact that these fine people are obviously suffering financially for their art.

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Anonymous said...

man thats a real shame.i met alberto on the first woggles spanish tour and he was a realy canny fella.then when i was nyc this year i found out about hei shop 'n' had a squizz..great place,great selection,cool staff doing some afternoon drinkin' at work!even managed to palm off some shoddy ILLEGAL MOVERS lp's..still there's always tower records.
flyin' brian